Coming Next in the Global Journal

In September, 2009, your editor co-chaired a session at the 24th World Congress of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, held in Beijing, China, and delivered a paper which will be included in a later issue of the Global Journal.  At another session of the Congress, a remarkable essay was presented by Vaidotas A. Vaièaitis, Associate Professor in the Department of Public Law at Vilnius University, Lithuania.  It dealt with "The Concept of Law in Biblical Narrative,"  and we are particularly fortunate to have obtained the author's permission to publish it in our next issue, particularly since virtually all of Professor Vaièaitis's writings are otherwise available only in Lithuanian.  We would have introduced into the discussion Genesis 3:15 as protoevangelion, and we worry a bit about seeing the serpent in that chapter as modeling what lawyers and judges would do in subsequent history!  But the Professor's essay covers important ground not treated elsewhere and readers will find it fascinating.

The Global Journal provides, from time to time, the opportunity for student contributions--when they are in every sense on the level of the professional scholarly article.  Vol. 8, No. 1 will contain two such papers: one dealing with the thought of deconstructionist philosopher Jacques Derrida and the other with the apologetic of "Reformed epistemologist" Alvin Plantinga. The latter paper will identify problems in Plantinga's thought of a considerably different nature from those discussed from a presuppositionalist standpoint in K. Scott Oliphint's review essay, "Epistemology and Christian Belief," Westminster Theological Journal, Spring, 2001.

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