Coming Next in the Global Journal

"Here come the Judge"!  We are privileged in the next issue of the Global Journal to feature contributions from two distinguished Christian members of the judiciary.  Both serve on the bench in the British Commonwealth:  Australia (Ken Handley) and Canada (Dallas Miller).  For the non-cognoscenti, this means that they operate in a common-law context, as is the case with virtually all the courts of the United States (exception: Louisiana, which is nonetheless subject to common-law federal jurisdiction).  The law of evidence is much more fully developed in common law contexts than in European civil law countries, so our judges' concern to apply legal standards of proof to issues of Christian apologetics should be of high interest to Global Journal readers.

Since Old Testament prophecy is so important to the biblical apologetic, Vol. 7, No. 3, will also feature an article by Joseph Rhodes on the prophetic book of Daniel.  The article concludes:  Daniel's "incredible forecasts of world-history in Greek Roman times . . . and his profound depiction of the 'days of the end' indicate the supernatural integrity of his visions."

To round off the next issue--maintaining its primarily juridical flavour--there will be a full-scale analysis of the legal philosophy of one of the most influential secular American judges of our time, Richard Posner. And, to benefit from all this, readers will not even receive a bill for legal services rendered!


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