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Coming Next in the Global Journal

The Global Journal unapologetically features apologetics. In our secular age, the defense of the faith is not an option—in spite of the remarkable ability of many evangelical believers and churches to avoid the force of the Petrine command “to be ready always to give an answer [Gk., apologia] for the hope within.” Our next issue will provide relevant examples of how to follow the Apostolic example in contending for the truth of the scriptural gospel.

Dr. Angus Menuge of Concordia University Wisconsin, who seconded the Editor in our recent and successful God debate at University College Dublin, will show how Oxford University’s Socratic Club, under C. S. Lewis’ presidency, offers a model for effective apologetic witness. Then the Editor will provide his write-up of the Dublin debate. Finally, Ph.D. student Craig Miles will deal a body blow to the strange Mormon notion of the star Kolob—thereby reminding us of the stark difference between historic Christianity, supported by “many infallible proofs,” and the cults and isms of our day, whose beliefs so often fall into the abysm of technical meaninglessness, having no capacity for the proof (or even the disproof) of their claims.

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