Susan Olasky, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Public Policy & Writer in Residence

Educational Background:
M.A. in Urban Affairs, University of Delaware
B.A., University of Michigan

Time at PHC: 2011 to present

Professor Olasky oversees literature and journalism internships at PHC. An accomplished writer, Professor Olasky has authored eight historical novels for children, and as a senior writer at WORLD Magazine, she reviews books and writes lifestyle articles.

In addition to her writing career, Professor Olasky has been active in the pro-life movement. She founded the Austin Crisis Pregnancy Center and later chaired CareNet, the umbrella organization for 1,000 pregnancy resource centers. Professor Olasky's husband, Dr. Marvin Olasky, is editor-in-chief of WORLD Magazine and a Professor of Journalism at PHC. Dr. and Mrs. Olasky live in Asheville, North Carolina, and regularly visit the PHC campus.