Melanie Jeschke, M.A.

292267_da19c5f45db244e0a0033a8d082d13cf_mv2Adjunct Professor of Literature


Educational Background:

M.A. In English Literature from George Mason University
B.A. In English from the University of Virginia

Time at PHC: 2018 to present

Mrs. Melanie Jeschke (pronounced: jĕs΄-key), previously an adjunct professor of English at Marymount University and NOVA Community College-Manassas, is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate in English from the University of Virginia with a MA in English Literature from George Mason University, and has taken graduate courses at Oxford University. A pastor’s wife and mother of nine, she has home-schooled and also taught in both public and private high schools. She is the author of a series of novels called The Oxford Chronicles, a contemporary retelling of Jane Eyre called Jillian Dare, the chapter on Oxford for Rick Steves’ England guidebook, and numerous travel articles published in newspapers, WORLD Magazine, and a Tolkien Journal called Silver Leaves. She has recently completed a historical novel about J.R.R. Tolkien and is currently working on a murder mystery.