A murder has occurred in London.  But that’s of no concern to Mollie and Giles Ralston, a young married couple.  They have just opened up their home as a guest house and are only concerned about the blizzard outside and making sure everything is perfect for their guests. Their four expected guest arrive and settle in their rooms.  As Mollie and Giles discuss their peculiar guests, the doorbell is heard once more.  A stranger walks in claiming that the car overturned in a snowdrift. He promises to be the last person who will arrive for some time because they have been snowed up. That afternoon, a policeman arrives in the strangest way at the guest house.  He says that he is there to prevent a murder that will be attempted at the guest house by a deranged killer, and that this killer is one of them…



Mollie Ralston
Giles Ralston
Christopher Wren 
Mrs. Boyle 
Major Metcalf 
Miss Casewell  
Mr. Paravicini 
Sergeant Trotter 

Sarah Saunders
Andrew Lonon
Kyle Day
Betsy Sayre
Iain Armstrong
Charlotte Blacklock
Zachary Renne
James Flath




Directed by Meredith Mantel &
Sarah Henderson

March 17-19, 2011