Distance Learning Cost and Registration

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Tuition for online courses at Patrick Henry College  is $430 per credit ($1290 for a three-credit course).  All students in online courses are charged the same tuition regardless of enrollment status.  Online students must be at least 16 years of age at the time the course begins. The non-refundable application fee is $50. 


The online admission process for non-degree seeking students is simple and straightforward. We ask that you provide some basic information about yourself, affirm the PHC statement of faith, and have sent to us high school and college transcripts (if any) as well as SAT or ACT scores or other evidence of academic preparation. Click Here to get started on your non-degree seeking Distance Learning Application.


The admission process for degree-seeking students has a few more requirements, such as a personal testimony and an interview with a PHC Admissions Counselor. Click Here for more details and to get started on your application as a degree-seeking student.

Once admitted, you will register for the courses of your choice through our online student portal. After your registration is confirmed you will have access to our online course platform to view the course syllabus (which lists course learning objectives, assignments, and deadlines) and the course materials.  There are no additional student charges associated with the verification of student identity in distance learning courses.


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Our Distance Learning courses operate on fall, spring, and summer semester schedules. See the academic calendar for details.

Don’t worry—we’ll walk you through the process.

Transfer Credit Information

Non-degree seeking students who may at some future date wish to apply for degree seeking status at PHC should consult with their academic advisor soon after acceptance. Completed PHC online coursework may serve as evidence of academic ability, but does not guarantee admission into the degree-seeking program.

Students anticipating transferring PHC credit to another institution (in the U.S. or internationally) should know that decisions regarding transferability are made solely by the receiving institution. PHC is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS), a federally-recognized accrediting agency. Some institutions accept PHC credits into their programs, others may not. We advise students hoping to transfer PHC credits to check with the receiving institution before enrolling with PHC Distance Learning. Students with questions should contact the Office of the Registrar or their academic advisor.

International students are welcome to take PHC Distance Learning classes as non-degree seeking students; however, PHC does not issue documentation leading to the acquisition of international student visas. We will accept, therefore, international students (non-U.S. citizens living outside the country) into our distance learning program as non-degree seeking students but not as degree seeking students.

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