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July 13 - July 17

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Debate Camp will be a stellar experience for anyone who wants to learn how to think, communicate, and persuade. Whether you're a seasoned debater who wants to win nationals or just want to persuade someone on Facebook, this camp is for you. We will cover everything from basic logic and rhetorical skills to advanced non-verbal persuasion strategies. Through sessions, practice debate rounds, and practical drills, students will leave better equipped to speak truth in a winsome, loving manner.

Never debated before? Debate Camp will help you grasp the skill. Advanced debater? We will dive into the intricacies of persuasion and advanced debate theory to help you refine your skill.

Debate tactics for Team Policy and Lincoln Douglas will be covered during camp, giving you a head start on your preparation for the coming competition year. Students will also learn the finer points of rhetoric, tying their preparation into everyday life that you can take with you into adulthood.

Registration closes July 8.

Go to the first camp: Leadership & Worldview 

Instructor: Aaron Kamakawiwoole

Aaron Kamakawiwoole is an NCFCA Region 1 LD Champion (2006) who did both Team Policy (2001-2005) and Lincoln-Douglas (2005-2006) debate in high school. He also competed in a high school secular league that allowed him to argue the unconstitutionality of Roe v. Wade before a member of the Hawaii Supreme Court. In college Aaron was part of both the PHC Team Value team and ACMA Moot Court team, which he captained during his senior year. 

Since graduating from PHC in 2011, Aaron has coached moot court teams and judged almost 100 rounds in NCFCA and Stoa combined, mostly through attending tournaments as part of the Office of Admissions at Patrick Henry College.

In his spare time Aaron loves hiking, strategy gaming, reading, anything involving a power drill, and movie nights with his wife.


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