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July 15 - July 21  ($575)

Patrick Henry College Teen Leadership Debate Camp

Debate Camp will be a stellar experience for anyone who wants to learn how to think, communicate, and persuade. Whether you're a seasoned debater who wants to win nationals or just want to persuade someone on Facebook, this camp is for you. We will cover everything from basic symbolic logic and rhetorical skills to advanced non-verbal persuasion strategies and evidentiary proof. Through sessions, practice debate rounds, and intense drills, we will graduate any student to the next level of debate.

Never debated before? Debate Camp will help you grasp the skill. Advanced debater? We will dive into the intricacies of persuasion and theory to help you break the glass ceiling.

The focus of the camp will be on real world, professional, and mature communication that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. How can you winsomely and wisely use evidence and logic to support what you believe?

Debate tactics for Team Policy and Lincoln Douglas will be covered during camp, but the majority of camp will be geared towards the finer points of rhetoric and persuasion that you can take with you into adulthood.

Cost is $575. Registration closes July 11.

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Instructor: Chris Ostertag

Chris Ostertag is an alumnus of NCFCA and STOA and a student at Grove City College, where he holds a fellowship to study philosophy and law. As a competitor in NCFCA and STOA LD and TP, and college NPDA and IPDA, Chris has accrued numerous accolades. In high school, he secured the unique honor of the highest all-season at-large score in his region in two separate styles of debate for three consecutive years. During his last high school LD season, he went into NITOC ranked second in the nation on speechranks.com. During the same season, he also won a national open and earned the third-place speaker award at NCFCA nationals. During his freshman year of college, he won several regular-season tournaments and went undefeated at nationals, where he took home a first-place title. As a coach, Chris has authored material for multiple national-level sourcebooks, coached local clubs since 2014, single-handedly organized and taught several LD summer camps, and maintained a roster of online students who’ve won notable regional- and national-level accolades. Chris is now captain and coach of the GCC team.  An unapologetic intellectual, he’s enthusiastic about syllogisms, literature, and esoteric jazz music. In his spare time, he can be found making cold brew, debating epistemology in the philosophy suite, and playing in a string quartet. 

Chris Ostertag

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