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If you are planning on attending graduate school, it would be wise to start planning early. Below are some topics that may help you narrow your search. Also, keep in mind that if you allow the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to use your score for research purposes on the GRE, GMAT, or LSAT, they will partly reimburse you. For more information, email the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

  • Education
  • General
    • Grad Schools (High-caliber guide for graduate school seekers)
    • Grad School Tips (Advice for those starting to consider grad school)
    • Kaplan (Online classes to prepare for graduate school)
    • Petersons (All-around guide for undergraduates headed to graduate school)
    • Study Abroad (For students who are interested in overseas study)
  • Medicine/Nursing
  • Law
  • The GMAT
    • The GMAT (Register and begin the process of applying to business school)
  • The GRE
    • The GRE (Register and begin the process of applying to graduate school)