Iain - Counselor


Iain is a junior American Politics and Policy major at PHC. He graduated from high school at age 15 and arrived at PHC when he was 16. He has been politically active since he was 13. He’s worked on over 20 political campaigns ranging from the local level to congressional races. He also campaigned heavily for Romney in fall 2012. Before coming to PHC, he was on the campaign staff for a congressional race in his home state of New York. In addition to working for multiple candidates, he has worked for multiple Political Action Committees and is the vice chairman of PHC’s College Republicans club. At PHC, he served in the student senate for three years and was, most recently, elected as student body President for the 2013-2014 year. He is going to be a Resident Assistant (RA) on campus in the fall.


He spent last summer in Russia, and worked in an orphanage in Siberia for three weeks. His preferred method of practicing Russian is by playing Russian iPhone games and setting his GPS language to Russian. His dream is to one day be Chris Hemsworth. He does not like honey or mustard, but he absolutely loves honey mustard.


He is excited to be a teen camp counselor for the first time this summer.