Packing List

Bedding, Towels, and Beyond
Campers should come with bedding for their stay in the residence halls. Both sleeping bags and sheets are acceptable (the beds are twin-sized). Campers should bring towels and any personal toiletry items.


Dress Code
Casual clothing is appropriate for all regular, on-campus camp sessions. Most campers will wear jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or tank tops. While sandals or flip flops are certainly appropriate, please bring tennis shoes for sports and recreation activities.


We expect all campers to respect a general modesty dress code at all times. Shorts should come no higher than mid-thigh; skirts and slits no shorter than the top of the knee. Tank top straps should be at least three fingers in width. Tops that are tight, see-through, low-cut, or reveal bare midriffs are not acceptable. Campers should keep hair clean and neat, avoiding unusual/deviant styles. Campers should conceal tattoos and shall not wear visible body piercing (exception: ladies' earrings).


Many camps include one or two field trips. Depending on location, dress code for field trips may be the same as the regular casual camp dress code. For trips to government buildings, plays, to hear speakers, etc., campers will be expected to dress in business casual attire, as defined below. Please come prepared for at least one business casual field trip.


Shirt: Collared shirts with tails tucked in; nice sweaters and vests are also acceptable.
Pants: Nice slacks (dress or Dockers style); no shorts or denim.
Shoes: Dress shoes and loafers; no tennis shoes.


Shirt: Blouses and nice tops
Skirts/Slacks: Skirts, dresses, and slacks (dress or Dockers style).
Shoes: Dress shoes or other appropriate footwear; no tennis shoes or flip flops.


Camps with a tournament at the end of camp will require tournament attire. Tournament attire is usually a suit or very dressy business clothing. Please see the camp information packet sent after registration for more details.


Be sure to bring pens, pencils, paper, and anything you might use to take notes with. Come to all camps with a pair of comfortable walking shoes for field-trips and athletic shoes for sports and camp activities.