Public Speaking Camp

led by Ethos Publications, July 13 - 19


Public Speaking Camp will be a fun and thorough investigation across all types of speech – limited prep, platforms, and interpretations. Instructors will include PHC graduates and students with a wide range of experience and expertise.


Campers will be taught critical thinking skills as a foundation by which they will approach public speaking. First-time speakers and experienced communicators alike will be challenged and equipped. Students will leave this camp with communication tools they will use for the rest of their lives. Speech camp, while teaching skills that are useful for competitive speakers, is also going to focus on the big picture: the bottom line in learning these skills is much more important than any competition. Instructors will be emphasizing the importance of learning and using these tools to positively impact their community. Ultimately, the most crucial reason for learning to communicate well is not to win trophies, but to win minds.


Want to know more? Check this video out.