History Camp

"The Founding Fathers and the Classical Tradition"


with PHC History Professor Dr. Douglas Favelo, June 16-22


The great names of Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, and Hamilton, to name a few, continue to mesmerize students of American history as courageous individuals who shaped our young nation.  What often is forgotten is the classical influence that shaped these men’s educations, and thus, indirectly, us.  History camp will explore how Greek and Roman culture impacted the founding fathers’ worldview.  Topics that campers will explore include:


     • How the founding fathers found heroes in Greek and Roman philosophers, statesmen, and even king-killers (gasp!)
     • How debates around the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution revolved around the history of the success and failures of the Greek city-states and Rome
     • How classical art influenced the architecture of the fathers’ homes, and especially that of Washington D.C.

Class events include group discussions, power-point presentations, guest lectures by expert historians, and a history-bee competition on Friday.  Students will be taking a field trip to Washington D.C. to see the classical impact on the capitol’s architecture.


History camp will be taught by Dr. Doug Favelo, the Assistant Professor of Ancient History at Patrick Henry College.  His specialties include the history of Greece, Rome, and Late Antiquity, and also Classical Studies.