Debate Camp

led by Ethos Publications, July 20 - August 2


For 2014: TP, LD, and Parli, with tracks for Stoa and NCFCA topics
PHC is known as a "debate school" because it has an incredible track record of national wins in policy debate, value debate, parliamentary debate, and moot court. Ethos Debate, run by a former PHC executive coach and staffed with many PHC debaters, has provided several debate camps here at PHC and brings you the top instructors in the country to help you achieve the next step for you in a rapid and engaging fashion. This camp is known for immersion in a new policy topic, stretching you every way possible, and exciting (if not hilarious) instruction by people who care for their craft.
This camp is not just about debate. It's about life. Debate is about good decisions—those based on fact, a clear decision framework, and tough deliberations. You will face many of these in your life. Debate gives you the chance to practice this, and practice being winsome and researched in doing so, forming the habits of a good decisionmaker. This camp's goal is to improve your practical reasoning, thought habits, communications skill, and wisdom.
How does it work? Debate is for anyone from dry-foot novices to the most experienced debaters. This camp will feature three tracks and many special workshops for every level, providing something new for those from last year's camp to keep you growing. You'll hear from experts and learn a ton about the new 2014-15 debate topic since Ethos researchers prepare materials for both the NCFCA and Stoa topics, which will serve for case materials and briefs at camp.
What should you bring? A few colors of pen, a legal pad, a three-ring notebook with paper for LOTS of notes, and formal wear for the trips to D.C. think tanks and the debate tournament at the end. This is an academic camp and will be action-packed with information and practices.
What formats are offered? Stoa and NCFCA team policy (there were about 30 people in each last year), LD (Lincoln Douglas) value, and Parli.
Why should you go? Here are some students from last year:
"Debate camp challenged every level of my debate skills. Among many other things, I learned how to style my speaking, making myself more memorable to an audience or a judge."

"Even though it was an intense two weeks I enjoyed every moment of it. The coaches were very willing to stop and explain something into further detail when asked or to skip over a topic that everyone understood. They definitely tailored it for our (the students) benefit. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!"

 Want to know more? Check this video out.