Pensmore Dialogue on Science and Faith

April 4-5, 2014





John Lennox




Is it possible to explain the unfathomable complexity of the universe, and the perfectly constructed wolrd we live in, as well as the ideal characteristics of our planet, suited exactly for sustaining and proliferating human, plant, and animal life, without the necessity of a Creator or Designer, who constructed it just right? Is it possible that intelligent life on this planet resulted entirely from a mindless, unguided process? Are evolution and natural selection the only plausible explanations?

The Pensmore Dialogue on Science and Faith at Patrick Henry College will consider these and many more questions that strike at the heart of life and the world as we know it. Prominent scholars will wresle with the question, could life exist without some intelligence having designed it and set it in motion? Additionally, there will be a bonus session for students and one for pastors, delving into issues critical to their unique circumstances, environments, and challenges.

Dr. Lennox has debated prominent “New Atheists,” including Richard Dawkins, and is the author of God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?, God and Stephen Hawking, Gunning for God, and Seven Days that Divide the World.

Download the Preliminary Conference Schedule. (TBD)

The conference is being held at Patrick Henry College in greater DC. Dinner will be served in our Dining Commons at a charge of $11 per person.

Please view this video invitation by Dr. John Lennox, explaining some of the topics shared at the 2013 Pensmore Dialogue on Science and Faith at Patrick Henry College: