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The Speech Builder's Emporium

A good place to gather materials and tools with which to build speeches.

Image of Five Gothic-Style Cathedral Windows

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The edifice metaphor is a commonplace in teaching the art of rhetoric. Techne, the Greek word for art, has been defined as "The kind of knowledge possessed by an expert maker; it gives him a clear conception of the why and wherefore, the how and the with what of the making process and enables him, through the capacity to offer a rational account of it, to preside over his activity with secure mastery" (Joseph Dunne, Back to the Rough Ground, p. 9).  I like Dunne's definition because it evokes images of a master carpenter building a fine dwelling.  Pondering the process of building a fine structure illumines the process of building a speech, and will also suggest some ways to utilize this Speech Builder's Emporium. Click here.

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