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Volume 4, No. 1 of the GLOBAL JOURNAL will begin with one of the most important articles we have ever published, since it illustrates the stark contrast between reactionary politics (with which, sadly, not a few fundamentalist Christians have been identified) and true, biblical Christianity: “Holocaust Denial: What It Is and Why Evangelical Scholars Must Categorically Reject It,” by Richard V. Pierard, Professor of History Emeritus at Indiana State University. This essay will be followed by a matching essay hitting the liberal, “politically correct” approach to things Jewish: “Why Liberals Didn’t Understand Passion Play 2000,” by Professor Craig Parton, Esq., American director of our International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism and Human Rights ( Then we take a crack at the cults by way of Gordon Allen Carle’s “How Mormon Scholars Conduct Patristic Research To Prove the Legitimacy of Their Religion.” Lastly—having stuck it to the far right, the far left, and the sectarian hinterland—the issue will conclude with a nice piece of philosophical theology: Associate Editor Edward N. Martin’s “Infinite Causal Regress and the Secunda Via in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas.”

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