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The Editor’s distinctive evidential apologetic for the truth of Christian faith has had two major foci: the historical and the juridical. He has argued that good historical method and solid legal standards of evidence will vindicate the gospel message. To be sure, these claims have not gone uncontested. In particular, on the web, skeptics’ critiques have appeared dealing with both of these styles of argument—as well as presuppositionalist attempts to downgrade the very idea of employing empirical evidence to establish Christian verities. We are therefore devoting the next issue of the Global Journal to scholarly refutations of these critics.

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Inter alia, readers will benefit from distinguished apologist Gary R. Habermas’ treatment of the late Greg Bahnsen’s anti-Montgomerian presuppositionalism. Ross Clifford, Principal of Morling Theological College, New South Wales, Australia (one of the editorial consultants for the journal) will argue for the viability of the Montgomerian historical, evidential apologetic program; and Philip Johnson of the Presbyterian Theological Centre, Sydney, Australia, provides a helpful bio-bibliographical essay of juridical apologists from 1600-2000 AD. A veritable apologetic feast!