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Our first issue contained a much appreciated article by Ben M. Carter on "Communication As General Revelation." Now Carter returns with an essay on an even more relevant subject: "New Age Thinking About the Soul: The Post-Modern Metaphysics of Gary Zukav." Few Christians who actively witness in the unbelieving world of today have not been confronted by (1) New Agers and (2) Postmodernists of one stripe or another. Get a leg up on both by way of our next issue!

An old Encyclopedia Britannica advertisement asked the question: "How long is it since your mind has been stretched by a new idea?" We at the Global Journal believe that our readers should be challenged. Two interlocking articles on "The Logic of True Narratives" and "Biblical History As True Narrative Representation" will offer a striking hermeneutic theory directly applicable to the issues of biblical inspiration, authority, and inerrancy. The authors are Dr. Steven Collins of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and John W. Oller, Jr., of the University of Southwestern Louisiana at Lafayette.

The Editor's article-length review of Edinburgh theologian Duncan Forrester's Christian Justice and Public Policy, together with reviews by other faculty members and contributors, will round out an issue not to be missed.

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