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You knew it would happen: the editor publishes an essay by the editor! "A Critique of Certain Uncritical Assumptions in Modern Historiography" by John Warwick Montgomery. This paper, presented at the 1996 biennial Conference on Faith and History at Calvin College, deals both with the need for secular historians to face the reality of the miraculous and with the evils of the so-called "historical-critical method" of liberal biblical interpreters.

Lisa F. Cunning will provide a superb apologia for a biblical feminism: "God Makes Promises to Women, Too." Just the thing for male chauvinist readers (those just to the right of Ghengis Khan).

The Revd Harold F. Carl, chaplain of the distinguished Berry College in Georgia, will discuss the Trinitarian implications of the relational language in John 14-16.

And reviews of books you should either (1) beg, borrow, or steal, or (2) give to your worst enemy.

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