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Coming Next in the Global Journal

Some years ago, the Encyclopedia Britannica attracted readers with the question:  “How long has it been since your mind was stretched by a new idea?”  For some, sadly, it has been far too long!  This, however, cannot be true of readers of the Global Journal.  Our next issue is guaranteed to entail maximum stretching.

The distinguished English journal Evangelical Quarterly recently published a devastating critique of Van Tilian presuppositionalism.  John Frame, the well-known defender of that position, replied.  When the original author then provided a rejoinder, Evangelical Quarterly—oddly enough—did not accept it.  Well, we did!  Look forward to John J. Johnson’s “How a Muslim Could Employ Van Til’s Apologetic System.”

Post-modernism continues to plague classic Christian theology—as it does all viewpoints which take formal logic and an objective, empirical world seriously.  Donald T. Williams will offer readers, as a literary treat, a Socratic dialogue (“Revenge of the Dwems”).  We believe that readers will regard it as a striking and enjoyable counteractive to the vagaries of the post-modernist mentality.

Finally, a previous contributor, The Revd Kenneth Harper, will provide some genuinely practical theology (as contrasted with much of what goes under that title both in seminary curricula and on the shelves of the average Christian bookstore!):  his challenging essay,“Biblical Leadership Metaphors and Contemporary Management Theory.”

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Table of Contents