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12th Night Gallery

In Eden Troupe's first off-campus production, directors Aidan Grano and Stephanie McGill pulled off an imaginative adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night to the enjoyment of a community audience. A few dozen alumni stopped by to attend the play as well, continuing Eden Troupe's tradition as PHC's most-appreciated cultural experience.

Streetpost between the two "houses"
The directors (Aidan Grano and Stephanie McGill)
Sir Toby Belch and his friend, Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Jared Firth)
The entire cast
Sir Toby Belch (Ryan Gilles)
Feste, the fool (Michaela Tong)
Feste, the fool (Michaela Tong)
Olivia and Sebastian
Olivia (Rachel Heflin), Sebastian (Alex Harris), and an attendant (Adam Fisher)
Antonio (Scott York) and a priest (Matthew Lukowiak)
The "Sound of Music" house
Malvolio is locked up in the loony bin!
Viola (Brianna Edelblut) receives a longed-for proposal from Orsino (Ben Sayre)
The "West Side" house
Malvolio (Zachary Enos) and Sir Toby Belch (Ryan Gilles)
Applying fool makeup
Some of the crew (Lillie Schmidt, Jenna Lorence, Betsy Sayre)