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The Library also provides access to resources in an online, electronic format. Over 35 electronic databases (indexes, abstracts, and full-text) are available on the Web at no cost to PHC students, faculty and staff. Over 35,000 of our periodical subscriptions appear in electronic, online format. (Community users are encouraged to visit your local public library for electronic resources.)

In addition, the Library allows access to over 65,000 academic ebooks from EBSCO eBooks through the campus network.

For those who are new to electronic databases or would like to improve their searching skills, the Library provides links to many online tutorials . These tutorials walk you through the use of particular databses.

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*Library Recommended*

Often used resources

*Search Engines/Web Directories*

Search the web

*Topics of Current Interest*

Hot Topic websites and timely reports


Library subscribed and public domain ebooks

~General Indexes~

Indexing of newspapers, magazines, and journals on a broad range of subjects.

~Internships & Careers~

Resume writing, interviewing, job searching, etc.


Loudoun County Public Library, Library of Congress, and other libraries

~Periodicals Online~

Access newspapers, magazines, and journals through the Internet.


Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Thesauri, Quote books, Almanacs, and quick fact sources.

Art Research

Classics Research

Creative & Professional Writing Research

See Writing/Research for style guides and basic research and writing information.

Economics Research

Education Research

Foreign Policy Research

Resources for International Politics and Policy.

Government Search Sites - Sites about the US Government

Government Sites - Sites by the US Government

Selected government web sites
See also Law/Legal Research (includes Supreme Court decisions)
See also Public Policy Research (includes congressional bill tracking)

History Research - American

Includes founding documents.

History Research - People

History Research - World

Journalism Research

Law/Legal Research

Lexis-Nexis and other legal resources, includes Constitutional law and Supreme Court decisions

Literature Research

Music Research

Polling Data

Public Policy Research

Resources for American Politics and Policy.

Science Research

Biology, Medicine, Technology, and other sciences

Social Sciences Research

Psychology, sociology, and other social sciences

Theology, Religion, & Philosophy Research


Writing/Research - Copyright and Other Rights

Complying with copyright laws and avoiding plagiarism. Also intellectual property rights, digital privacy, and other related issues.

Writing/Research - Source Evaluation

Tips and checklists for evaluating web sites

Writing/Research - Style Manuals

Writing and citation rules and examples for APA, APSA, Chicago, MLA, and Turabian

Full Text
Full Text Available - These electronic resources offer the full text of some (if not all) items.
Restricted Access
Restricted Access - These electronic resources may only be used by PHC students, faculty, and staff.