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Late Admission Deadline Ends June 15, 2016!

We are excited you are considering Patrick Henry College as the next step in your academic and spiritual growth.

If you desire to be a young leader, trained in the Classical Christian tradition, and have a fearless desire to know Christ’s truth, please use the form provided to access our application portal. 


Important Applicant Information

  1. Access our online application portal via the form provided.

  2. Download this zip file containing Application Instructions Application Deadlines, the Activities, Honors, Interests form, the Pastoral Reference form, and the Academic Reference form

  3. Answers to most questions about Patrick Henry College (including finances, catalogs, activities, and our fundamental statements) can be seen on this comprehensive list HERE. You can also download our 2015-2016 College Catalog HERE.

  4. We also encourage you to schedule a visit to answer questions about life as a PHC student.

  5. Do you want to take our classes without getting a degree? Use our Non-Degree-Seeking Application for Admission.

Access the PHC Application Portal