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Departures, Arrivals, Growth in PHC Faculty

April 21st, 2008

By Sarah Pride

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Dr. Frank Guliuzza
Dr. Frank Guliuzza

For the upcoming school year, 2008-2009, Patrick Henry College welcomes several new members to its faculty. At the same time, two current faculty members move on to other endeavors and others take advantage of opportunities to enhance their academic credentials. PHC Provost Dr. Gene Edward Veith calls these changes “signs of a growing, dynamic, and maturing faculty.”

“We thank God for each member of the faculty—the returning, the new, and those departing—and we thank each of them for their service to us,” he says.

Four new professors are joining the PHC faculty. Dr. Frank Guliuzza will become a Professor of Government at PHC in the fall, while Dr. Michael Haynes and Dr. Roberta Bayer will be Assistant Professors of Government. Also, Dr. Matthew Roberts is coming to PHC as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy.

In coming to PHC, Dr. Guliuzza leaves a tenured position as Professor of Political Science and Chair of the department at Weber State University, a secular college in Utah. He currently coaches Moot Court at Weber, where his team is one of the few that rivals Patrick Henry’s. He is also a national chairsman of the Pre-Law Advisors’ National Council, and he hopes to advise the many PHC students planning on law school. Besides all this, he has received many awards for outstanding work teaching political science, and he brings practical political experience to the table, having served as vice-chairman of the Utah Republican Party and having made a bid for a seat in the United States Senate.

“Dr. Guliuzza could work wherever in higher education he desires, but he chose to come to Patrick Henry College,” said Dr. Laura McCollum, Dean of Academic Affairs. “The caliber of he and our other new faculty are a reflection of PHC’s increasing stature among top flight academics.”

Dr. Haynes has recently completed his doctorate from the University of Tennessee in American Government and Public Policy. Before graduate school, he worked extensively in grassroots politics, and in state and local government. Since many PHC alumni work as staff members for government offices, Dr. Haynes’ graduate research specialty on the functioning of presidential staffs will be especially helpful.

Dr. Bayer also joins the PHC faculty as an Assistant Professor of Government, on a reduced teaching load so that she can homeschool her children. She has previously taught at Saint Mary College, Pepperdine, and George Mason, and she has published several articles and presented conference papers. Topics include “Abortion and Evil” and “Philosophical Darkness and Human Freedom.” She earned her Ph.D. in government and international relations from the University of Notre Dame, and she will be assisting mostly with classes in the political theory track of the Government major.

Dr. Matthew Roberts
Dr. Matthew Roberts

On the liberal arts side, Dr. Matthew Roberts will join PHC’s internationally acclaimed philosopher and apologist, Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, as a philosophy professor. He picked Patrick Henry over another job offer and will bring his specialties in Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion, and apologetics to introductory and upper-level philosophy courses.

Leaving PHC are Drs. King and Roeder, both members of the Department of Government. Dr. King has taken a position as Research Vice President at the Public Interest Institute, a think tank located at Iowa Wesleyan College. Dr. Roeder also chose not to return this next academic year, believing that his training and skills as an empirical political scientist would be better served elsewhere.

Dr. Mark Mitchell, Associate Professor of Government, will also be on sabbatical next year, as he writes at Princeton University under a prestigious James Madison Research Fellowship. He intends to return to PHC to teach in fall of 2009. J. Travis Moger, Instructor of History, has received a fellowship as well—to finish his Ph.D. dissertation in Mainz, Germany. He plans to complete his research in Germany over the summer and then return to PHC with a reduced teaching load while he writes the last of the dissertation.

In addition to these new professors, ongoing faculty Nathan Russell and Col. Gordon Middleton will be upgrading to full-time status in Fall, 2008. Russell, who has been teaching Economics as an adjunct for two years, is becoming a full-fledged Instructor of Economics while simultaneously completing his doctoral dissertation at George Mason University. Middleton, head of Patrick Henry’s Strategic Intelligence program, has been restrained from a full-time load up until now by his professional work in the intelligence field. He will be continuing professional work while at the same time holding full faculty rank at the College. In addition, Middleton has recently completed his doctoral in organizational leadership at Regent University.

Patrick Henry College is expanding in every arena. As Academic Provost Dr. Gene Edward Veith concludes, “God is richly blessing us with the caliber of scholars and teachers that He has been calling to our growing faculty.”