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Libertas Society Lobbies for Abstinence

October 3rd, 2007

By Jason Heki

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Patrick Henry College
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Charles T. Evans
The Libertas Society in D.C.

Patrick Henry College students gave testimonies in favor of abstinence education on Capitol Hill on the 20th of September, lobbying against the current plan in Congress which would eliminate federal funding for abstinence education and stress birth control. The 30 students, members of the student-run Libertas Society, urged their elected officials to back abstinence education above a comprehensive-based approach, using their own abstinence commitments as examples. Their goal was to show that abstinence is the right choice for sexual health, both physically and emotionally.

“One [approach] appeals to our sense of responsibility,” said Priscilla Stout, a sophomore at PHC, speaking of the current abstinence programs. “The other treats kids like animals.”

Eric Lansing, President of PHC’s Libertas Society, agreed, arguing that abstinence education is essential for equipping young adults to live well.

Charles T. Evans
PHC students with Sen. Jim Webb

“One approach expects failure; the other thinks the best of people and teaches them that they can succeed,” Lansing said. “Abstinence education is at the heart of the government’s purpose to encourage good and discourage evil.”

The students who attended the lobbying trip found the experience exciting and educational.

“Before it was over, half of the attendees were asking when we could do it again,” said Lucas Pillman, a senior at Patrick Henry and Vice President of the Libertas Society.

The student organization’s overall purpose is to impact American culture, politics, journalism, government, and society, while operating within a socially conservative and biblical mindset.