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Programs for High School Students Interested in PHC

Interested in attending Patrick Henry College? Check out these high school programs that will help you prepare for college academically and spiritually. Enjoy high-quality education, develop strong friendships with fellow believers, discuss ideas with like-minded individuals, or get involved in your community-- all while having fun!


PHC Teen Leadership Camps

Teen Leadership Camps provide an exciting context for students 14-18 to explore an academic discipline and learn to apply a Biblical worldview to current issues.


 Patrick Henry College Prep Academy

PHC Prep Academy’s online courses combine rigorous academics with a Christian worldview to prepare high school students for success on Advanced Placement (AP)* exams and in college.



PHC Writing Mentorship Program

PHC’s Writing Mentorship program pairs gifted writers attending PHC with high school students looking for a writing coach or mentor. Mentors can provide support to high school assignments, give their own assignments, or coach creative writing projects.


Constitutional Law for Enlightened Citizens

Taking Constitutional Law online with Dr. Mike Farris will broaden your  appreciation for the United States Constitution by examining our nation’s founding documents, key Supreme Court cases, and Founding Fathers' original intent.

*Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

Check Out More Great Programs for High School Students!

While these programs are not affliated with PHC, many of our students participated in them during high school and found that they offered good preparation for college.

Generation Joshua

TeenPact Leadership Schools

Stoa Christian Home School Speech and Debate

National Christian Forensics Association (NCFCA) Speech and Debate

Private Scholarships


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