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PHC Elects New Student Body President and Vice President

April 14th, 2014


By Jae Wasson

Originally appeared in PHC Herald 4/11

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Katie Tipton and Mark Teubl (photo credit to Christine Roe)

Katie Tipton and Mark Teubl won the recent student body presidential election.

The Student Senate Election Commis­sion announced the results of this year’s Student Body Presidential Election on Tuesday with Tipton (ASBP) and junior Mark Teubl (VP) winning by a clear mar­gin of 186 votes to 91. Tipton is excited about what their team can accomplish in the next year.

“I think my favorite part is going to be hearing the concerns of the students and having the authority to actually do some­thing about it,” Tipton said.

Over the campaign period, the Tipton-Teubl team developed a platform address­ing specific policy issues, such as funding for the Model UN team and relaxed dress-code in the library, as well as a big vision of connections between the community and advocacy within the college. They promised a fundraising committee for need-based aid and monthly Town Hall meetings, complete with fresh cookies.

“I really wanted to win,” Tipton said, but added that she had expected the mar­gin to be smaller. Tipton said the more specific ideas from her platform and her past experiences probably convinced the student body to vote for her team.

Over this summer, Tipton plans to begin working with sophomore Ruan Meintjes, the opposition VP, to create the fundraising committee, send emails off to the coming freshmen, and finish writing some specific policies.

“I’m excited to be working with Katie,” Teubl said. “I believe there is a lot we can accomplish next semester.”