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Angelise Schrader: Helping Young People Be the Leaders of Tomorrow

November 27th, 2013

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Angelise with husband Matt

Angelise Schrader (Journalism, ’08) is passionate about working with young people, teaching them to love the Lord, and educating them about important social issues. But as she reflects over her journey from dancing with her mom and sister in their church in Hawaii to Program Associate at the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C., she knows her life has been guided by the hand of her Maker.

In high school, Schrader planned on going to school on the west coast, as it was close to her home in Hawaii. She had heard of PHC, but did not consider attending. The more she prayed about college, the more she was convinced that being academically challenged was more important than having fun at school. So she packed up her bags and flew from Hawaii to Virginia, unaware at the time that this choice would greatly shape the rest of her life.

At PHC, she began to understand the importance of fighting for the freedom of America on the frontlines, rather than taking the safe route. She developed friendships with other students who now play a large role in the conservative movement.

She interned for BreakPoint Ministries, an affiliate of Prison Fellowship Ministries founded by Chuck Colson. She blogged weekly on social issues, and wrote article on North Korea’s humanitarian crisis around the world and reality of the sex trafficking industry. She also volunteered for Lifeline Pregnancy Center, a local crisis pregnancy center. While there, she was exposed to women struggling through the decision of having an abortion. Working with them gave her compassion toward people in a hard place.

“Every single experience in life leads to the next step,” she said. “Working at the pregnancy center put my heart in the right place to get a job with Star [Parker]. It was the first stepping stone in my career.”

After graduating, Schrader spent three and a half years working for Star Parker in DC. After graduating, Schrader spent three and a half years working for Star Parker and her think tank The Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) in Washington, DC. Schrader scheduled all of Parker’s campus speaking events, booked her media appearances with CNN and FOX, wrote for for CURE’s monthly newsletter, helped with development, and assisted in setting up dozens of local crisis pregnancy events across the country. While there, Schrader began networking with other professionals in DC, an opportunity that led to her landing her dream job at the Heritage Foundation.

Schrader has now spent two years in the External Relations department as Program Associate with the Young Leaders Program at Heritage. She works as the intern coordinator and markets the program by networking with professors, visiting college campuses, and working booths at various events.

She loves working with young people, particularly high school students. Aside from her job, she serves with a local Teen Community Bible Study group in Northern Virginia, a place students can go to learn the Word of God.

“If we don’t educate the next generation, not just homeschoolers and conservatives, we could lose America,” she said.


Angelise (far right)

Schrader’s ministry also involves worshipping the Lord through dance, an activity she had grown up loving. She discovered a church just outside DC that had an active dance group. The group focuses on modern dance and hip-hop and performs at a variety of venues, including retirement homes. Schrader had been praying to find a similar ministry since she left Hawaii. In the summer of 2011 they teamed up with national group, Project Dance, started by a former Rockette who decided to leave her career and dance all over the world for the Lord. Project Dance puts on evangelical dance performances in major cities all over the world (New York City, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong).  The group performed all day in front of the Washington Monument testifying to the glory of God in America’s capitol.

“Scripture talks about how we are supposed to worship the Lord with our entire bodies,” she explained.

In Hawaii, she grew up dancing in the church and doing hula and hip-hop. The church she grew up attending dances in every service.

“The culture is so different in Hawaii,” she said. “It’s open to free expression and movement.”

She hopes to stay at Heritage for as long as she can, as well as continuing to dance and work with teens. She also works with PHC students to help them market themselves.

“It’s exciting to be a part of the next step for students, and help them be the leaders of tomorrow,” she said.