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Chancellor Farris Defends Bible in Debate on NPR

April 20th, 2011

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
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College Chancellor and founder, Dr. Michael Farris

PHC Chancellor Dr. Michael Farris appeared live on NPR's On Point Tuesday, April 19, and debated Dr. Timothy Beal, professor of religion at Case Western Reserve University and the author of a new book called The Rise and Fall of the Bible. Dr. Beal's book explores how the digital age and "evangelical capitalism" are bringing about the end of the Word as we know it. "Biblical consumerism is replacing biblical literacy," he writes, noting how the digital network culture "will profoundly change the way we think about and read and talk about biblical texts." Among Beal's assertions: "the Bible is an accidental book that poses more questions than answers," and, "There's no original Bible; the popular idea of the Bible as the word of God is only about a century old."

Dr. Farris offered potent counterpoints, clarifying "that the medium doesn't change the words," and that responsible use of technology can effectively take readers deeper into the texts. More importantly, he stressed that the Bible does provide life's ultimate answers, the most significant result being to guide readers into a genuine relationship with "the God of the Bible." Listen to the entire show at On Point's Rethinking the Bible.